Lakeside Brokerage can handle all your contract bond needs. We have access to 21 surety companies all (A) Rated and (T) Listed.

Our current client list includes General Contractors, Specialty Trade Contractors, Infrastructure Contractors, Supply Contractors, Janitorial Contractors, and Environmental Contractors.

Please call us to discuss your account and we will act as your personal bond department to fulfill the surety needs of your agency.

BOND AMOUNTS ($350,000 and Under)

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD APPLICATION (these are credit based programs)

BOND CHECK LIST (for bond amounts over $350,000)

  • Contractor Questionnaire
  • Three years of Corporate financial statements
  • Current Personal financial Statement
  • Current Work-on-Hand report
  • Current Bank Line Information


Please contact Danny Perrett with any questions:
Phone: 601-573-3702
Fax: 601-420-1890

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 321474
Flowood, MS 39232